Birch Bay Village is the best place to experience a relaxed life, as it becomes your own little comfort zone. With miles of sunny beaches, sunset views, and warm shallow waters, you’ll feel as if you’re in a Hollywood classic. It’s a relaxed and comfortable place that’s away from all the stress and fast-paced lifestyle.

Thanks to its location, Birch Bay offers some of the best crabbing and clam digging spots, so head over to the numerous eat-outs and shops along the popular Beach Bay Drive for fresh and exotic seafood. When you’re at Birch Bay, you can get great views at great prices – from cabins to condos – all available for rent for short visits or long vacations.

Birch Bay is also fast becoming a central hub for business, with the distinction of being the fastest-growing community in Whatcom County. All your daily needs are covered with small stores, government services, and schools that are within your reach and about 5 minutes away from Blaine.

What makes birch bay different from the rest and why you should invest


You name it, we have it! The Birch Bay Village comes with a clubhouse, playground parks, your very own private marina, a golf course, a swimming pool, numerous sports courts, and several exclusive clubs for finer interests, all just for Birch Bay Village members only. Enjoy your favorite hobbies and passions, such as wine-tasting, quilting, and quality music.

All of this comes together within The Birch Bay Village gated community consisting of over a thousand residential lots, spaces for common areas, and facilities to be used for recreational purposes. With hundreds of unique homes on offer, finding the right one will be a cakewalk.

You pay less

Apart from the serene locality and the contemporary lifestyle, you get to stay at the premium resort community. Considering other neighborhoods in the area, that’s about three hundred thousand dollars less at the very least; not mentioning the round-the-clock security guard at the entrance. Plus, the Birch Bay Village is close to your daily essential spots – from groceries to schools, to restaurants.

Great weather and recreation

All Birch Bay homes for sale

Feel gentle soothing warm water cover your feet on the beach when the tide is out, with the soft sand cushioning you as the water flows back. Sunny days are aplenty here, with minimal rains, all thanks to the area’s proximity to the water that stabilizes these moderate temperatures. Birch Bay Village is also just about a half hour’s drive away from Bellingham. Many families have settled in this pleasing town.

Take a bike ride over Mt. Baker and enjoy the fresh air as you view over the Birch Bay right up to the horizon. Take your bike outside of the village and let the beauty of Semiahmoo keep you company.


Apart from having your own security guard at the gate, you do also get regular security drive-throughs along the neighborhood to ensure everyone’s safety. It’s reassuring for the residents and it also keeps the speed limit inside Birch Bay in check.

That’s not all…

The Village brings everything to your doorstep. Up north, you have Semiahmoo Resort, and a cruise boat is all it takes to go across Drayton Harbor to Canada. Or you can pass through White Rock across the border and reach Canada.

If you have your own kayak, you can sail towards the Gulf islands or the San Juan Islands for some fun and adventure. You can also indulge in fishing during the salmon and crabbing seasons.

Walks, jogging, and activities on land and water are all endless here. You don’t have to worry about ever getting bored here!

The Bottom Line

Round-the-clock security, peacefully private, beauty and serenity, fishing to your heart’s content, boating, a view as endless as the amount of sand on Birch Bay’s beaches, and much more. There is just so much going on at Birch Bay Village, you would not want to miss out on all this. Get the best listings and prices right now, over here.

Not to forget, it’s also the best place for serene sunsets and gets regular visits from beautiful birds. This small town is turning out to be a paradise for homeowners.

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