Semiahmoo is a housing society that is known for its quality services and community support. If you’re looking for a loving family environment where everyone is welcome, Semiahmoo is the place to be. Apart from regular housing, it also provides support to disabled people to ensure everyone is equally important in the community. By giving everyone equal rights and responsibilities, people in Semiahmoo are warm and welcoming towards all community members.

Is it perfect for a family?

Semiahmoo offers housing for different types of requirements. And since they have processes for self-development, employee training, family support, and child care services, it’s a great place if you have small children or elderly members. If a member of your family is disabled, Semiahmoo would be the perfect place as they have several programs to care for people with physical and mental disabilities. They also have leisure and recreation options.

Special recreation facilities

With the recreation features geared towards people with special needs, Semiahmoo makes sure that everyone participates in all the activities. These activities include theatre, music, fitness, sports, dance, travel, and camping. The community takes feedback from all the members to add new activities to their regimen.

The aim behind all the activities is to provide a fun and safe environment where everyone can participate regardless of their disabilities. It’s the perfect place to get together and have fun.

Employee satisfaction

A place can be friendly only if the employees there are satisfied and happy. Semiahmoo has a culture of all inclusion, which involves employees as well. All the employees are kind and welcoming and the place has a warm and happy aura. Most employees have been working for over five years and they have a great team. The most important part of the society is that the programs are fun and not work. The personal development programs make sure that everyone gets to learn and benefit from them.

Child care center

Semiahmoo has a Peninsula Child Care Center that offers several programs for the families living in the area. There are three types of programs:

  • Infant and toddler care program for children between 0-35 months
  • Group daycare for children between 3 and 5 months
  • Out of school daycare for children between 5 and 12 years

At Semiahmoo, the community ensures that children get a safe environment and the right support for growth and development. All the emotional, physical, cognitive, and social needs of a child are taken care of, and they are provided a play-oriented program that helps them learn faster. Children are encouraged to view the world from their own perspective and are allowed to express themselves in their own ways.

Each child has their own level of understanding and the community supports them through their own stages of growth.

Semiahmoo housing options

Living in Semiahmoo is a great choice. Here are the options you’ll get:

Residential group houses

There are several residential group homes in Semiahmoo. Everyone living here gets the right encouragement from their family, friends, and the community support team.


People who live in semi-independent homes stay in their own homes but also get support from the teams as and when they need. This support could be for cleaning, cooking, and socializing.

Home share

This is for sharing your home with your family. The family can provide enough support to you. And the community support is always available when the need arises.

Roommate stay

This option is for people who want to live with a roommate and support each other for basic functions. This encourages socializing and helping each other out.


You can live in an apartment and the support team will be available in the same complex. Other people will be living in apartments near you. This will allow you to have an independent living with enough support.

Family living

An individual can live with the support family in this housing option. This way, each one can get the love and support from a complete family.

With so many housing options and recreation facilities, Semiahmoo is the perfect place to live with your family. If you have a family member with a disability, Semiahmoo will offer them all the support and encouragement they need. There are many families living here. Contact me, Derek Worchel to learn more.

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