There are so many things that you would want from your new home – the perfect location, best neighborhood, ample parking space, cozy interiors, and a lot more. It would be great if you could get a property that ticks all the boxes. But if it can’t, what features are you willing to give up on? Make sure your home buyer’s wish list is prioritized so you can know what attributes you can leave and what you can’t leave when buying a home. Here are some points that should be on your list.


It is easy to find a great home in a great neighborhood, but it might not be affordable. Price is something you need to keep in mind when going to purchase a home. You need to have a budget in mind. When you visit the bank for pre-approval, you’ll give you an accurate idea of the money you can spend on the home. Money is one of the top factors to consider when looking for a home.

If you want an initial estimate before applying for a mortgage, you can contact an agent or even use an online mortgage calculator. It will give you an average estimate of your buying capacity. You can contact an agent or a broker to find the current prices of the homes available in the market.


Location is an important feature when it comes to buying a house. In fact, if you are buying real estate in Whatcom County WA, it might just be the most important feature. You might be looking for a prosperous place such as Bellingham. Buying a home in Bellingham could be a good idea for many people as there are several good schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals in this city. While you might not have school going kids, it’s a fact that properties located near school have higher value.


Different people have different definitions of quality. For you, it might mean the size of your home, the age of the home, or its architectural style. Are you looking for a house that’s ready to move in? Or are you planning to put some work into it? If you’re a family of six, you will need a larger home than what’s required by a family of two. It’s best to have a basic estimate of the house before you start shopping, for example, the number of bedrooms you’ll need.


While it may not matter initially, once you start living in the new home, the neighborhood will matter a lot. If you prefer a green neighborhood, but there are not many trees around, you might feel upset later.

If there are too many crimes in your neighborhood, it will not be a good investment. While Bellingham is very a safe place, you can still visit the local police station to get the crime statistics of the area.

List your most important home buyer’s wish list features

You might have a list of features in your mind. For example, your dream home should have central heating. Or it should have enough parking space. Here is a list of features that you might want your home to have. You can prioritize the list according to your preferences.

  • Garden
  • Central heating
  • Secure windows and doors
  • Energy efficiency
  • A good TV and internet signal
  • Insulation
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Garage
  • Fixtures and appliances

Do you have some other features for your home buyer’s wish list in mind as well? Consider all of them before making the buying decision.

Price, location, quality, neighborhood, and features are the top points to consider while buying a home. These factors are not easy to decide and while some people might stress more on quality, others might want a more budgeted home. You can prioritize these points according to your own requirements. The higher quality or better location you want, the higher will the prices be. So you need to do a tradeoff.

This is just a semi-formal framework of desirable features. As you start looking for homes, you will gain more experience and it will get easier to arrange your home buyer’s wish list according to your preference.

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