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Barkley Neighborhood Bellingham, WA

Barkley, previously known as Mt Baker is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Bellingham, Washington. The neighborhood has enough to offer in industrial, commercial as well as residential areas. You can find single-family and multifamily housing as well as apartments and residential complexes. This neighborhood is located on the western side of the Barkley Hill and therefore, offers a clear view of the Bellingham Bay, Canadian Cascades, and the San Juan Islands.  The Barkley neighborhood real estate inventory is healthy.  It is a very friendly neighborhood with plenty of greenery and open spaces. It also has its own schools, restaurants, retail options, grocery stores and shopping complexes.

Barkley neighborhood home designs

The houses in Barkley vary greatly in terms of design. You can find city view homes, bay view homes and condos of all sizes. There is a tree-lined boulevard winding up the hill. There are several subdivisions on both sides of the boulevard. The properties located on the lower side are much more affordable as compared to those on the hill.  Covering an area of almost 814 acres, a majority of the houses in this neighborhood are made out of stone, brick, and steel which gives the entire area a contemporary feel.

Barkley neighborhood amenities

There are plenty of good schools in the area which is why the neighborhood is also very family friendly. In fact, families of school going children and the working elders comprise a large portion of the total population. The area has people of multiple ethnicities, but English is the primary language of communication. The neighborhood offers all the essential amenities. There are two large shopping malls to tend to the needs of the residents. Furthermore, the area is well planned and is crisscrossed by roads that lead to the important destinations in the area, including schools, restaurants, parks and other neighborhoods.  On top of the hill, there is a large park known as the Northridge Park, where all the residents come out to take a walk and enjoy some fresh air. The neighborhood also offers plenty of options for pet owners. The Sunset Pond adjoining the Sunset Square is one of the most pet-friendly areas and a great favorite among the dog owners.

More about Barkley neighborhood, Bellingham

Barkley is one of the most well-planned neighborhoods in Bellingham. The roads are wide and have limited traffic, which is why driving can be effortless. A large number of people also commute to their destinations on a daily basis. It is well connected to other neighborhoods and has been planned to sustain a future growth in population. Barkley neighborhood mostly borders the neighborhoods of Roosevelt and Alabama Hill which are both directly south.The neighborhood has been designed while protecting the environment and wildlife around the area. Therefore, it is more of a something like an urban village. Due to well-established commerce, the neighborhood has a thriving economy. Since the neighborhood encourages the lesser use of vehicles, you will find plenty of trails that connect different areas of the neighborhood. Due to a small walking radius, traveling by foot is very convenient, even on a daily basis. Some portions of Barkley are enjoying development and industrial growth at a much faster pace than the others.

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